Embarking on an Adventure

I have several adventures coming up!  A half marathon race tomorrow which I simply love to do.  I hope to do as many races as I possibly can before I perish.  I love the energy, athleticism, motivation, and purpose a race offers.  Oftentimes, it reminds me that I am on a race myself…not a slow, sad degradation of life ’till we meet the grave….but, instead a race to paradise.  Isn’t that what Jesus said on the cross?  “Today, you will meet me in paradise.”  We have a wonderful place to enter into one day, but we are held accountable for what we do here and now.  I believe sound choices today lead to sounds choices tomorrow.  So, I want to run my race well tomorrow, but even more importantly, I want to run my race well each day as I accomplish the tasks God gives me.

Next Monday I get to enter into a classroom of kids for 5 weeks.  I love kids!  I get to learn about these particular kiddos and I get to practice teaching them.  I want to teach them well as I know how important it is for them to reach their milestones each year…they have so much to learn and the world relies on teachers to do their job well.  I sense the pressure, but more than that, I sense the joy for me to pursue a calling laid upon my heart during my car trip from Kansas to Georgia.

I love adventure.  I hope these two particular adventures go well!  Immanuel, God with Us!

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