Prayers for a friend.

I have a friend.  She is married a second time, but doesn’t have the children living with her that she brought into the world from her first marriage.  She is going to court this week to ask the judge for them back.  I am praying for her.  I have a passion for women such as these.  I pray God grant her custody tonight.  I told her today that God is for her and God desires her to have her children.  I know God wants mothers to be with their children.  I have seen how unsettling it is for mothers to have their children taken from them.  How I can see why God HATES divorce.  I hate it too.

But, I am so very grateful to have my children.  They have been my joy and my focus for 10 years now.  I cannot imagine having them ripped from my arms.  So, I pray for my friend tonight, for strength, for eloquence, for evidence, for God to be with her and for her and to help her win this battle.  Nothing can stop the Lord Almighty.  He never intended life to be like this.  Such little grace.  Such little love.  So much fighting.  I am glad she has found the love of her life and hope she can have the ones she brought into this world, who desperately need their mother.

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