Our Redeemer Lives

This is one of my favorite songs.  It is so beautiful and I know it to be true.  But, how often do I trust God to redeem moments, times, seasons, that have been SO very hard?

This has been my prayer lately, and although some of it is personal between the Lord and I, I want to share with you a little bit of what He has shown me because it is exciting, motivating, and inspiring to know that I know that I know that MY REDEEMER LIVES.

Little things He Redeems…

Lately I was in a situation where little things were becoming a problem…let’s say, not having erasers during writing time in a previous teaching environment I was in…it was a problem, that constantly caused students to get up from their seats and search for pencils with erasers on them.  I decided at one point to ask each student to simply cross out the word and re-write it in order to save time.  This became a problem without going into detail, for another teacher in the room, and I was chastised for it.  I of course, had to let it go, and inquire of the Lord as to how I should have handled the situation, since it was not my prerogative to buy erasers either.  I sensed the issue was minor and to just let it go.  BUT…

Christ doesn’t forget.  He remembered and as I work in a classroom right now, they have big, huge, wide erasers for every table for the kids to write and their writing is SO much better for it.  Sometimes, you wonder, was I right about that?  And God has a way of telling us, YES….in his own quiet, subtle way.  He is a LION of course, BUT, he is a gentlemen too and He knows when to be whatever He needs to be.

I think this is one reason why I really am so in love with my Savior.  He is perfect, but more than that, I love his Holiness, His timing, His perfection in being so good to us, in being perfectly faithful.

I thank God for rescuing me from a certain situation, setting my feet in a fun and relaxing, nurturing environment and helping me once again look forward to being a teacher some day soon!

He Redeems the BIG:

I have some big things that need redeeming, do you?  There are situations God did redeem in His perfect timing.  And others He hasn’t quite yet redeemed.  I sense the future holding redemption and I know He is telling me that His redemption comes at the right time.  Today, I whispered to the Lord, “I trust you as my redeemer.”

We have to believe with all our hearts that Jesus Redeems.

It is FAITH IN REDEMPTION.  He cannot not redeem.  It goes against who He is.  And God has full integrity,  He cannot be anything other than who He is.  He is the GREAT I AM.  ANCIENT OF DAYS.  OUR ROCK and REDEEMER.

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