Seared Conscience.

It aches my heart to see a person with a seared conscience.  God created us to be sensitive people, caring about and for one another, not seeking our pleasure over another person’s welfare.  He created us to have His law written on our hearts.  His Word says that His law no longer will be written on tablets of stone, but on human hearts.

It is so, so hard to talk with someone without a conscience.  They excuse whatever they want to do to get whatever they want.  They do not have obedient hearts.  Oftentimes, the Lord reminds me of the verse, “do not give your pearls to pigs.”  It is true.  They reject the verses and try to make you feel rejected too.  What they are rejecting is God.  Sometimes, they even put on a “false religion” to impress, but there is no real relationship with God.

The truth of the matter is that man is made of dust.  To dust he comes and to dust he returns.  He is nothing.  But, God is exalted and everlasting and all powerful.  How can man act without a conscience?  It is just crazy to me.  He will be held accountable for everything he says and does to the Almighty, Ancient of Days.

I think one of the hardest things to see is a character that has faded.  A man that no longer stands on God’s Word, no longer seeks to serve the Lord, but only his own ego.

I thank God that in the Gospel, Jesus always tells it like it is.  He doesn’t sugar coat sin.  He does make it sound noble.  He drives a sword in the hearts of the Pharisees and they hate Him for it.  He makes it clear man can not serve both God and money.

Cruelty does not go unpunished.  If not punished in this world, it will be punished in eternity.  It is a reminder for me to walk a righteous life with Christ’s help.  The righteous will not be shaken.  God remembers the unrepentant sin of those who refuse to feel sorrow for the hurt they cause others, and simply make them look “crazy” or “unworthy” to excuse their wretched behavior.  It sounds like Hitler, Stalin, every other crazy abuser who tried to dehumanize the person they attack/abuse/hurt.

I am thankful that God will remove from my life that which I find disgraceful.  Our thorns will not last forever.  God does not want us to suffer for long periods, but He does want us refined.  When it comes to sin, God wants to free us from those who live in it.  He wants us to be set apart.  He wants us to be different.  There is persecution when you live a life different from those around you.  To be certain, persecution will come.  But, I have come to see it as evidence I am still walking with God!  Let us keep from being polluted by the world, let persecution come if it may.

I see that pollution when I look into the eyes of unrepentant sinners.  Make no mistake, He does not want us to be yoked with an unbeliever.

I thank God that He is keeping me from being polluted.  I thank God for His deliverance.  I thank God He will deliver once again.  I look forward to the beautiful plan my family can finally enter into….so soon.

God does not save the unrepentant.  But, thank God He knows if there is true sorrow in our hearts and He is quick to save those who repent and believe.  There is hope!  Christ in you, the hope of Glory.

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