Christ comes along.

Wherever we go, with our feet or our thoughts, Christ comes along. He listens, He hears, He knows our innermost thoughts. He knows our hearts perfectly.  Christ comes along.

As Emma and I drove back from NC to GA today after a fun-filled week that Emma had with her grandmama, we played “I spy” and “I’m going on vacation and I’m bringing…”. We tried to play the “find the letter A-Z game,” but that didn’t last long… I was thinking tonight as I placed a beautiful picture frame of Jesus that my mom gave me from my grandmother on our apartment wall, “I’m going on vacation and I’m bringing Jesus with me.” I’m bringing Him back with me too. I’m aware He’s listening to my thought life, I’m aware He’s already with me in my future too.

Christ is Immanuel, God with Us. He comes along…in our suffering, in our pain, in our joy, in our stillness, in our dying moment, Christ comes along.

Thank God for the gift of His Son. He’s always with us for Christ comes along.

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