Go with what you know.

I recently visited with some precious friends. They shared valuable insight in such a sweet and loving way. One friend I just met for the first time. They were such a comfort to me, seeking to help me heal and understand. I confessed that there is still much I do not understand in my daily walk with Christ. I love my older friend, Cal’s advice. “Dawn, go with what you know.” This is true. And simply stated. God never expects us to be as smart or as perfect as we expect ourselves or each other to be. He knows there is much we do not know and is quite comfortable filling in the blanks on many occasions, yet He chooses to remain mysterious on many other occasions. God reserves the right to be mysterious. His ways are higher than our ways, so we can trust. That is what our choice is. Trust or do not trust. What an irony that our money is engraved “In God we trust.” Do we as a nation? Do you? Do I?

Simply trust and learn more as you go and go with what you know.

I treasure what my sweet friend, Michelle said to me as well. There is not room for self pity. Even when it is warranted, there’s no room for it! This is true and most of the time I abide by this rule!

Shall we make progress together and go to a deeper level of trust

I, by the Grace of God, will trust God for more this year by going with what I know and refusing any ground to self pity (notice the word pit in it)!

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