Jesus, the one of many sorrows and suffering. He never tried to get others to understand the pain and suffering He had to endure. How His body must have hurt. How his sacrifices went unnoticed…Unthanked.

People thought Jesus was a king. They wanted Pomp and circumstance. They wanted titles. They loved celebrating…but we cannot mistake the fact that Jesus came not for pomp and circumstance. He came to suffer and die for our sins. He came to show us the life we must live. In Sacrifice. Going unnoticed. Alone. Hurting. Burdened we can be as His followers.

As many long days await me. Hard days followed by more hard. I cannot barely remember too many days in my life that have not been hard. But I serve a Savior who sees me, every sacrifice, every hardship, every tear, and counts me so very Worthy. My worth comes from Him.

I love you Jesus! I have had faith that you would get me through the hardship we’ve been through so far. So much. And as my children’s biological dad leaves them for 3 years in one week, because of his impulsive decision to leave me, we face incredible hardship once again. While others celebrate. While my children walk unaware of the hard days to come, I can only smile and have joy in my heart because I know my Savior lives and that justice will come.

I am a Christian not only because the story of Christ is so beautiful, but because I have seen God tangibly love and help me through so many hardships, so many difficult relationships, so many joys and so many trials.

Immanuel, God with us. He cares for me as a husband should. And I am satisfied in Him. I can not be angry, not harbor hatred in my heart, because HE LIVES. Only because He Lives.

If you have been wronged. If you are suffering for someone else’s sin, take heart, you don’t have to be bitter, because your Redeemer lives. And He will avenge.

I see nothing but hardship ahead of me. I see nothing but hardship behind me.

But I see God beside me. I know He cares for me with an everlasting love. So I am content. Amen.

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