Run, just run.

As I go for a run this morning and prepare for the kids’ and my camping trip to Pointes West. I reflect and hope we have a peaceful time. I hope this time will fill my kids up with delight, serenity, relaxation to get them through next week, a particularly hard week and weekend.

I ask for prayers for our family. Help me have stronger faith now more than ever. Help me not speak raw words, true words, but words that probably need to stay between Christ and I.

Help my faith me more evident now than ever. Jesus, I pray you are so tangible, so real, so intricately evident in our lives right now. I pray you are our strength, our joy, our reason for living. Help my love for my children and their love for me carry us through.

This weekend will be tender, peaceful, beautiful before the storm.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be in nature. So thankful for the time to be with my blessed children. Free from every care, every burden, any tension, any lies. It was where man was created and where we are all laid to rest. Nature… So healing, so full of life and beauty.

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