This week I must walk my 3 kids through a hard time. In 6 days, they will say goodbye to their dad for a 3 year assignment. They will only see him for a short while next summer.

I ask for prayer this week. I ask for God’s love to cover my children. I keep telling them Jesus loves them so much. I keep singing it to them. I keep talking about forgiveness. I think it might just come easier to kids than to adults.

I pray I can face an insurmountable amount of time as a single parent in addition to what I’ve already walked through with my kids. I pray God can work through the layers of wounds that have been inflicted. I pray God can raise up a fountain of forgiveness. As I remember that God often forgives those whose actions don’t deserve it, I remember that forgiveness is a choice and that God forgives us as we forgive others.

Let not the record player repeat. Let the freshness, the newness of the Holy Spirit and His Word to us melt the bitterness that we may feel from unjust things that happen.

I feel the hurt, the anger, the temptation to not forgive. To hold on to hatred forever. BUT, I will choose to forgive by choosing love and to not remember the sin. We can be careful to not trust if the situation is not good. But, we can choose to love and forgive the person by not remembering the words/actions they took to hurt.

I choose a beautiful future with God. I choose to embrace all the good He has planned for my 3 blessed kids and I. I pray He do miracles for us this week and month to help propel us forward into hope, great expectation, and promise for the present and future.

Only with God, because of Him, and for Him my dear friends. He is faithful.

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