Body slide :)

My kids are so easily entertained… 🙂

We did the body slide today, while going over AWANA verses for AWANA. I love that my kids still like doing their verses and a fun short aftermath activity was the body slide. The kids proceeded to climb in my lap and slide or roll down my legs to our carpeted floor. Lewis, of course, chose the cliff option.

I love Lewis’ heart to want to play with his sisters and his forgiveness for them when they are pests…I love his sweet comments to me here and there. I love the adorable friendship Hannah and Emma have together.

Our “brew n que” at AU was fun and relaxing, with face paint, bouncy houses, and balloons, plus delicious bbq.

The girls love their cheer camp and all of us loved the zoo. It was the perfect option for a hot day at the waterfall junction.

I am grateful to God for continually meeting our needs! And some of our wants too!

I am thankful to not be in debt.

I am thankful my kids are healthy.

I am thankful for possible ministry opportunities opening up in our new church.

I am thankful we get to go to Spring Canyon this winter!!!

I am thankful for a car that keeps going.

I am thankful for dishwashers and washing/drying machines.

I am thankful for awesome friends!

I am thankful it is going to cool down here in Augusta soon.

I am thankful for AWANAS.

I am thankful I get to go to a women’s bible study next week!

I am thankful for kind neighbors.

I am thankful for God’s Word and Jesus and the eternal and daily gifts He gives us simply because He loves us that much.

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