Gene Chidzik

We had an incredible man come and speak at Abilene today, Gene Chidzik, former Auburn National Championship coach. It turns out he had been successful for 3 years, top of his game for 3 years and the 4th year they fired him….that was surprising to hear. His response when pastor Whit asked him if he felt bitter? “No, he said, football is a business and I understand that.” He moved on. They moved on. He went on to more great things!

I thought about that today. He definitely had a reason to be bitter! He had great potential, displayed it…and well, because of the fickleness of humankind, they fired him. The fact is, though, that he chose to move on and do great things. That really spoke to me this morning on sports day.

I have 3 beautiful, incredible children to be grateful for. I have a warm home, great food, sweet friends, and an incredible future to look forward to. I am grateful and choose not to be bitter. I chose to forget all the ugly and unfair and trust God with all that has happened…as the perfect judge, He always decides best. I also choose Him to direct my future and thank Him for His goodness. There is no room for bitterness in the human heart. God truly can handle all the wrong in the world. Our job is to forgive and move on, just like Gene. He gave his best and it was really good, but not enough for those in charge. But God moves him forward to better things! Truly, God is good!

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