The conversation you cannot have.

We can talk about almost anything these days. But…we cannot talk about faith. We can say nearly anything we want (non violent), but faith is off limits. Perhaps because it is too personal, too close to home. Perhaps because we all feel so strongly about it. I feel sad at all those who will be lost because they cannot or will not have the conversation they need to have.

As I told my son tonight, we can only pray and know that God desires all to be saved. Jesus can still reach them, even if we cannot.

I understand the need to keep deep conversation out of certain places, especially when different faiths live together, for protection, for focus on academics, but faith influences even the textbooks that we read. How I long for my children to be surrounded by like-minded believers. They cannot evangelize, but they have to be together most hours of the day.

Yes, live by example. Hold on to your faith. That is the only acceptable answer in a public school setting.

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