Advent (Peace Week)

As hope week ended, Peace week begins. I pray you all have not lost hope, but were encouraged. I had something happen that threatened to derail me, but God, in His Covenantal love comforted me, and supported me and encouraged me as I tried to make sense of something that happened. Sometimes it seems like the Enemy is out to get you, but God’s Love is protective and strong.

Folks, there is not a day I do not deal with trouble, but I am learning the Savior’s capable hand of deliverance and love. Our faith is true, despite all the evil in the world, God’s Word is true.

It’s hard to submit to people who we aren’t sure have our best interests at heart, but I am constantly reminded that God does.

I am praying today that God help me submit in a world where it doesn’t feel safe or wise to submit. Thanks be to God that I am submitting to Him.

Peace be unto you in a supernatural kind of way that only Yahweh can give ~

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