Keep Holding On

Sarah Young writes an incredible devotion for kids called Jesus Today.

I loved today’s devotion as it helps us delve into the promise of God that heaven belongs to those who believe. So much in this world is constantly in flux, changing every day sometimes. This devotion reminds us to cling to Christ and His hope.

It says, “to help you hold on, think about what I’ve already done (died for your sins), what I am doing (living in you), and what I will do (give you heaven).” -Sarah Young That is powerful. This life passes quickly and we have glory to come. I want to carpe diem and love this abundant life and the one who died to give it to me. But, oh, the glory is to come to be with God Forever!!

Have you run into anyone today that feels without hope? I have, just this morning. I gave her life-giving words and she smiled a listless smile trying to believe the words, but not entirely letting them take root into her soul. I said the same thing a bunch of different ways determined to help my newfound friend cling to hope. She was so sweet to smile. She had been through tragedy that she should never have to even hear about. Why? I don’t know. But, I felt the Holy Spirit press upon me the importance of speaking truth to her, as I would want someone to do for me if I had to walk in her shoes.

I told her to tell her self every day that she would get well. I gave my own kids a pep talk this morning about the importance of speaking faith out loud. The brain and spoken word are powerful.

Lewis comments in the back of the car, “Well, I’ve told my knee to cooperate with me today, but I have no idea why it won’t.” I responded, keep telling it and give it time.” The words, “I believe that Jesus loves me,” “He cares for me,” and “He is able to heal me” are powerful and we can say them, even as we struggle to believe.

All I can say as a fellow life pilgrim who walks in pain at times too is that I will indeed pray for you. With all the sincerity and love I can muster.

I’ll pray earnestly for you my cycle buddy.

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