It’s important to have days of rest where you can just focus on a few things…and do them well. Today was that for me. Watching my neighbor’s son, being obedient to Christ in little ways of responding, caring. So much of my life is built on little things.

I was thinking about sailboats today as I read my book: Let Me Be A Woman, by Elisabeth Elliot. I’ve never been on one, but have recently longed to go sailing, dreaming of feeling the boat move with the waves and watching as it submits to the direction of the wind.

How similar that is to my life right now. While every woman longs for life to go smoothly…we may even try to control things so they do at times…it is our Shepherd who is in complete control. He has the power to tame the winds…to move our direction so suddenly…it is both delightful and scary…charting new territory.

I want to have Him by my side as I navigate my life, wherever it may go, through the ups and downs, the the straight and boring, through to the end.

Jesus, you are my constant companion and are the director of the winds, so, peace, be still! For my heart is surrendered and it is well in my soul.

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