Time to write…

I think I might have ADD or OCD or something, because I simply cannot stand to be still for too long. At the airport. Longest wait-just 2 hours.

It’s time to write.

Lately I’ve felt so many emotions and thoughts cascading through my mind. I’m thankful I can retain focus amidst it all. I trust God to lead me through life, the ups and downs, the easy and the hard.

Several concepts/themes that linger in my mind:

Trains-this theme has been consistent the past 2 weeks through several movies, posters, discussions. “Hop on the train even if you don’t know where it is going.” That is a scary, but kind of exciting thing to do. I love adventure and even taking risks, but am not always comfortable with uncertainty.

Great faith. Having faith doesn’t mean a lack of any presence of doubt. It means pressing forward past doubt and fear. Trusting God to ignite and sustain faith is key.

Walk with caution and purity. Why is this so hard sometimes? Taking each thought captive to Christ is key. The greater the imagination the harder to do.

Hit the ground running! I am going to delve in with the kids in schooling when I get back. Letting my passion for their education drive the learning train. This is my focus and my delight.

Ready to begin. Ready to bring back the passion and focus!

I love how airplanes and trips can set me on a new azimuth. Time to reflect and gather my thoughts. I pray the Lord sustain my vision and determination to accomplish much in this new year and new decade.

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