This Word echoes in my heart and mind lately. I have a choice to trust and receive the Peace that the Peace Giver gives, or to remain in worry and fear.

What happens if we view ourselves as a peaceful people? What happens if we really trust God…even with our less than prudent decisions? That everything is going to be ok?

Shalom, even if things are hard. Shalom, even through suffering. Shalom in the good. Shalom in the incredibly scary. Shalom in the midst of great loss. Shalom…no matter what.

Let me have great faith as a sinner. Because I cannot view myself as good in the blinding light of God’s perfect goodness. I have spent my life trying to make the best possible choices I could. But, in situations where I have felt life throw me too many details to properly handle, I find myself incapable of making perfect decisions all the time, and dependent on God’s grace and forgiveness. Shalom. He knows me and understands. Shalom. He will strengthen me to draw closer to Him.

I love the word Shalom. I love God’s perfect peace in a world that simply cannot offer it to me. It can only come from Him.

Thank God for His wonderful gift of peace. May it remain on us all.

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