Love that is rooted.

I’ve been able to swim a lot lately, thank the Lord. It has been a great release and is always so calming for my heart. As I see my body get stronger and faster, it makes me think of Scripture. How do we get strong in the Lord? We memorize Scripture. This is my focus for this year. I know it in my heart, but God’s Word is active and sharp and changes people, so I probably should know it verbatim. I used to be sharper with this, but find my mind grasping for the numbers and exact words. I don’t want to add or take away from Scripture, as the Word promises a rebuke from this, so it follows that I should know it exactly.

Reading the Scripture God has for me each day and committing it to heart is my goal for this year!

Mentally and spiritually strong. It comes from training. Training in righteousness.

My dad used to tell me “actions speak louder than words.” I love words and know what to say oftentimes, but it is my actions that communicate God’s love even more. Loving actions with the right words deliver the best version of the Gospel I can hope to give. Love that is rooted in Scripture, in truth.

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