I feel words flow from a metaphor laying on my heart today.

My sweet dog, Dakota, loves me so much that even when I shower in the morning, he is outside laying in the grass fixated on the shower window. After my shower today, I went over to the dining room to look through the window outside for him. Noticing his eyes intently on the bathroom window, I tapped the dining room window to let him know…I am out of that room now. …Instantly, his eyes dart to my new location…and he stares there. I am honestly touched at his love, diligence, and loyalty to me. His eyes are always watching me and he longs to continually be at my side.

Fast forward to later on today…Dakota, my now one year old German Shepherd puppy, decides to swim (again) in a huge flower pot I have outside. Covered in his usual slick…or perhaps coat of soily (making up my own word here) mud….he scratches the door frantically to come inside. Finished swimming and chasing squirrels, he wants desperately to be by my side. Having pity on my filthy pup, I think to myself “I cannot let him in. He’s too dirty.” My mind pops over to Scripture thinking about God’s holiness and absolute purity. We cannot be near Him either. We cannot even look straight at Him…

So, do I let the pup in? God sent Jesus to be the sacrifice for our sins, this way we can actually have a relationship with Him, be forgiven, be bold in prayer, be confident of our salvation, BELONG to Him.

I did let the dog in. He needs a bath though. He needs to be washed clean. He cannot be in our sanctuary (home) without being cleansed.

I love the pictures God gives me of the truths of His Word that I can relate to every day experiences I have in my life.

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