A definitive purpose

So much of my drive in life comes from having some sort of purpose. We all long for a fulfilling role to play in the stage of life. I love my role as mother and always have, however I feel an absence of a role I used to play. Feeling a bit knocked out of […]


What gives us hope in our lives? A promise for an easier life? A better life? A close relationship? A great opportunity? I have to remind myself that Christ Jesus is the greatest hope I can have, to be joyful and certain of my salvation, to cling to His promises, and to stake my life […]


It’s important to have days of rest where you can just focus on a few things…and do them well. Today was that for me. Watching my neighbor’s son, being obedient to Christ in little ways of responding, caring. So much of my life is built on little things. I was thinking about sailboats today as […]


Joy comes in so many forms, but it’s source is a heart that waits in anticipation of something exciting about to happen or it’s focus is on something positive. My Emma is a ball of joy, singing songs every morning and just finding something/anything to laugh about. I love listening to her morning songs and […]


How do we have vision? We need it. Although we live present in each day, we need to have a vision for our family, our future. God is the only one who knows the future, so it makes sense to me that we need to pray for vision…lest we set our hearts on a future […]


I find myself tested every single day. Tempted and tested. Harassed. Insulted, put down, and minimized. However, deep inside, I know I am made for much more. I find it imperative to remember not only what God says about me, but also what God calls me to be. Humble above all else. But, not shaken. […]