Joy comes in so many forms, but it’s source is a heart that waits in anticipation of something exciting about to happen or it’s focus is on something positive. My Emma is a ball of joy, singing songs every morning and just finding something/anything to laugh about. I love listening to her morning songs and […]


How do we have vision? We need it. Although we live present in each day, we need to have a vision for our family, our future. God is the only one who knows the future, so it makes sense to me that we need to pray for vision…lest we set our hearts on a future […]


I find myself tested every single day. Tempted and tested. Harassed. Insulted, put down, and minimized. However, deep inside, I know I am made for much more. I find it imperative to remember not only what God says about me, but also what God calls me to be. Humble above all else. But, not shaken. […]


Tonight I was thinking about a few things. One, that I am so thrilled to have the amazing kids I have. I can barely believe they are mine sometimes. I also was deep in thought about being refocused on “doing,” and asking God for vision to set new goals. As we begin homeschooling, I will […]


What does this word mean? Does it mean money? Love? Happiness? Everything going just right? I think being blessed is being chosen. Many times in the past few decades I have encountered suffering, hardship, and sorrow. My circumstances have rarely ever been perfect. Yet…I know I am blessed because Jesus in mine.