I find myself tested every single day. Tempted and tested. Harassed. Insulted, put down, and minimized. However, deep inside, I know I am made for much more. I find it imperative to remember not only what God says about me, but also what God calls me to be. Humble above all else. But, not shaken. […]


Tonight I was thinking about a few things. One, that I am so thrilled to have the amazing kids I have. I can barely believe they are mine sometimes. I also was deep in thought about being refocused on “doing,” and asking God for vision to set new goals. As we begin homeschooling, I will […]


What does this word mean? Does it mean money? Love? Happiness? Everything going just right? I think being blessed is being chosen. Many times in the past few decades I have encountered suffering, hardship, and sorrow. My circumstances have rarely ever been perfect. Yet…I know I am blessed because Jesus in mine.

Playing Favorites?

It is a struggle for most parents I think. And lately, I have seen for teachers too. My friend noticed I have one child who is easily adored by many. She is so very lovable. She has the cutest voice, beautiful face, is obedient, and has a enjoyable and helpful, loving personality. My friend asked […]


How important perspective is….little things that can bug me each day I am learning to put into perspective…how significant is this? Is it something I can be patient with? Can I give grace? How can I work on this over time? For my kids I ask myself, am I being loving, even in discipline? It […]


It can be difficult to trust, but it is paramount to be able to trust the right people. Discernment can be our guide. Thank God for His continual counsel. I want to be able to keep trusting.


I am waiting…waiting with peace and joyful expectation in my heart. Waiting…on quite a few important things! Waiting is crucial because much of our life is spent waiting. I’d like to wait with a good posture. I’d like to wait trusting. I’d like to wait with God who moves faster than I ever could!