God’s sovereignty

All are asleep during naptime and I have a chance to reflect upon today. 

Hannah’s surgery went GREAT!!!  Thank-you for your prayers!  God provided in so many ways and we had a TOTAL peace.  We are so thankful!  We know this peace comes from Him. 

As I had a chance to think back over the specific prayers we prayed in the past few days and month in waiting for this surgery…I thought about which ones God chose to answer, and which ones God, in His sovereignty, chose to answer in different ways.  God knows the desires of our hearts and He also knows the needs of everyone we encounter each day.  It is impossible for me, in my own strength, to manage even one person’s heart.  It always amazes me that He can do that for every single one of His children and in a timeless and everlasting way…with perfect timing (although we may not think so at the time).  One of the prayers we prayed for Hannah did not happen as we would have like it to.  We prayed that after her anesthesia wore off, that she would not be irritable, but have a calm peace about her.  When we went back to see her in the recovery room, she was just as she was the last time the doctor’s attempted to sedate her–flailing mad!!!  She was screaming and inconsolable.  I was told this period would be the worst part of the whole process and that is why we specifically prayed about it!  The little girl having surgery before Hannah passed out into her mommy’s arms afterward in total peace.  I was really looking forward to that!  BUT, it didn’t happen for us.  Just like a natural birth with Hannah didn’t happen…no matter how much I prayed for it!  But, the interesting part is that God never revealed to me how Hannah would be delivered…only that she would be a term baby.  And today, God never revealed to me what would happen in the aftermath of the surgery…only that the surgery itself would go well.  His ways are higher than our ways.  His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.  I truly will never be able to perceive God’s ways…only the parts He, in His Holiness and Grace, chooses to reveal to me.  It is such an honor to know ANYTHING really from the Creator of our World.  That is why I love His Word so much.  He tells us SO much about Himself, us, and His plans for us in His Word.  I cannot believe that He would tell us so much!  I cannot get enough of His Word.  It really does make me feel so important to be told so much about Him and me and His plan for us.  There is SO much there! 

God is sovereign.  And today the part I had to trust in was His sovereignty.  I trusted that He knows better than I know what is best for me and my family. 

Hannah did calm down after about 20 minutes of screaming and hitting mommy, (I kept telling her it was not my fault…but my kids seem to think everything bad that happens to them is my fault right now…) and she passed out in her car seat the whole way back. 

She is a happy camper now and is totally over it.  And I am so thankful once again for God’s comfort, peace, and healing.  He is the Great Physician.  I cannot believe the provision He’s provided through medical intervention.  They actually super glued her skin shut!  That’s so neat!!!  I’m in awe of the Chief Surgeon, guiding the doctor’s hand so carefully with our daughter today.  Thank-you once again for your prayers.  God listened! 🙂

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