2nd Week of Advent

I’m writing this one a little late 🙂 

It was tough for me to stay focused on Advent this week.  After all that purification and cleansing, I got distracted.  I’m not sure how.  But, the Lord re-focused me on Him yesterday and His plan for Advent for our family.  We continued into this week the rest of the cleaning out of things in our home that we didn’t need or didn’t focus us on Him.  We did the physical representation of what He wanted us to do in our hearts.  Yesterday, I looked at our crosses that we put up next to our stockings at the beginning of the season.  Were we making any progress giving those things in our hearts that we were struggling with to Jesus?  I looked at Lewis’ and Hannah’s and I smiled.  They were definitely making progress!  Then, I got to mine and frowned… 😦  Why is it so much harder for adults to make progress than it is for children?!  I repented and prayed once again that God help me make progress in those areas and that I choose HIM at every little choice so that when the big moments come, I will be prepared to make “right choices.”

My prayer for my 3 year old this season was that he begin to grasp the basic concepts of what Jesus did for him on the cross.   As we were lighting the Advent candles, I read the Scripture about John coming to prepare the way for Jesus.  We talked again about what Jesus did on the cross.  Lewis asked “What is Jesus dying for our sins about?”  I told him “Jesus died for our sins on the cross so that we could make right choices instead of wrong choices.”  He said “Jesus helps me make right choices so I don’t get in trouble.”  We often pray when Lewis is having a really tough time (which used to be all the time) that Jesus help him make right choices.  He really got it yesterday.  Something clicked.  He talked about it all night and all day today.  Brian said to me today, that, that is really all you need to know about Jesus–you don’t HAVE to know all the little details in between…if you get that Jesus came to die for your sins so you can choose HIM, then that is all you need to know!  And my prayer is being answered in my son’s sweet little heart already.  THAT is the most beautiful gift of all for Christmas.

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