Prayer Runs

I am training up for a half marathon coming at the end of this month.  My goal was to run while praying for Soddo, Ethiopia to be a light unto the world and the Ayer Family as they transition to become missionaries there. 

God has had me pray for a LOT of things, things I didn’t even know for which I needed to pray.  These runs have oftentimes turned into runs of repentance.  There is so much sin in my every day life, and the runs have been great alone time with the Lord (and  full of adrenaline…the thoughts come flowing!); a time for Him to remind me of HIS HOLINESS and my sinfulness.  I oftentimes am overwhelmed with sorrow and also joy at the same time during each run.  I am convicted and sorrowful for my sin…but joyful for the Lord’s rebuke and discipline (He disciplines those He loves), so that I might change and be saved from the wages of sin (death).  It makes me joyful to know that He loves me despite my propensity to sin….and will always loves me the same no matter how much I change from day-to-day.

It has been a wonderful experience for me to train up for this race.  It has been another process of surrender and learning to be flexible and to trust the Lord for the train-up.  I trust the Lord will provide the time to train up…regardless of the needs of that day.  As long as I continue to put the needs of others first, He provides the time AND the energy to get through it.  Each run I pray beforehand, during, and afterwards.  He enables me to run.  He decides my training plan (I have the miles I know I need to run in my planner and He directs the plan).  A sweet friend of mine told me that there was no need to be nervous about the race (she trained up for a MARATHON almost entirely on a TREADMILL!!!).  She told me you put your trust in your training plan.  And as long as you train up well for it, your body performs on the day of the race.  I LOVE that picture.  Paul talks about training our bodies for godliness.  Also, the Word mentions storing good up within us for the times of testing (the good is HIS Word).  The training is very important!.  And the best way to train is to TRUST in HIM with the outcome and do the work He wants us to do.  I need not worry about those moments of testing.  As long as I am doing the proper training up for Godliness through every choice I make and every thought I think RIGHT now, my training will prove worthy and capable of helping me pass the tests.  GOD will make me faithful every step of the way. 

His burden (“yoke”) is easy.  I’m giving it to Him.  I simply cannot handle the weight of the burdens of this world (even just my own burdens of the day…).  But, HE can.  I’m so thankful He makes our burden easy by being our mighty, powerful Father in Heaven.

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