Cleansing and Longing for the Call

I cleansed the house again of things I know aren’t necessary or functional (have a practical purpose for our family or remind us of the Lord) in our home right now and I know my heart needs to be cleansed as well.  My husband, I think, is starting to get a little concerned though, that we won’t have too many things left of our home after I am finished 🙂 

Although I enjoy gifts very much, and especially functional or sentimental ones, I have never been a huge gift person.  It is how I have always been, even as a little child.  Other things have been important to me…even to a point that perhaps they shouldn’t be…but things have never been as important to me.  Things sometimes are very distracting and even tempting to me…instead of bringing fulfillment, like they do for many people, they make me struggle.  Not all the time.  They certainly have their place!  When they come in the Lord’s special timing, there is much fulfillment.  But, otherwise…there is none for me.

I often long to give it all up and follow HIM, whatever that may look like.  Right now, many things are still very functional and somewhat important to our life…so we are holding on…but someday, perhaps, we might be able to live very simply and focus all our attention on doing HIS work.  When HE calls, I pray we will be ready to make the plunge.  Right now, we can begin to live as simply as we can and WAIT for His timing for the Call.

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