Appropriating God’s Grace

I felt totally humbled and convicted recently as I felt a strong rebuke from the Lord within my spirit.  God showed me how MUCH grace He has poured out into my life…things He has given me that I totally do not deserve.  He showed me some of the gifts He has and is giving me that are from His overflowing grace to me.  I had been making judgments of people and situations, based on God’s Word, but also a certain picture I had in my head of how God worked.  Although God’s Word is an essential guide for His people, I felt the Lord show me that I cannot grasp any picture of Him and His ways in my head.  He’s too big.  His ways are higher than my ways.  I felt Him say to me “Who are you to appropriate MY grace to my other children?”  Sometimes the picture doesn’t look like we think it should look.  But, just as in my situation, from an outsider’s look, they would never think I would deserve the gifts God has given me!  So, why should I judge or appropriate God’s grace to others?  God’s grace is transforming.  He pours out His grace to us because we cannot change without it.  We NEED His grace.  We don’t ever DESERVE it.  It is a GIFT from God.  And the undeserved gift is what makes us change and draws us to LOVE HIM.  That’s God’s love for you.  It is unfathomable to us.  Truly, His ways are so much higher than our ways.  We cannot understand them.  But, we can enjoy them and Worship HIM for HIS AMAZING WAYS!!! 

Praise God for HIS grace and that He is not altogether like us.  I’m so thankful!!!  What a great lesson in judgment for me (a continual process I think) and also giving up certain ideas/pictures I have in my head of the Lord…and letting HIM form my picture of Him throughout my life.

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