New Year’s Resolutions

I have learned that until I am sick and tired of sinning, I don’t stop sinning.  I have to be totally disgusted.  That is how I felt all day today after my long run yesterday full of new sins God is showing me in my life.  Every time He shows me, I struggle to feel completely loved despite my sinfulness.  I also want to get rid of those sins and fast!  I also long to receive His overwhelming love for me in light of my sin. 

Here is a list of some of the areas I want our home to be void of for the new year:

Slander/Gossip (I am always surprised how many things fall into this category!)

Judgment (Anything that causes us to cast judgment on others, look down on them, presume God’s opinion of them/their situation, etc…we can discern to make wise choices, but NOT condemn, nor presume the Lord’s will for them outside of God’s explicit words for His will for all His children in Scripture.)

Quarrel (We are fine to disagree and kindly, gently work through those disagreements, but there will be no more “quarrels” in our house.  The Word clearly depicts quarreling to be unfit for the Godly. The Lord is REALLY going to have to come through to carry us in this area, we are a passionate bunch!!!  🙂 )

Criticism (Subtle and not so subtle.)

What Ifs/If Onlys/Whys (Never leads us to a place closer to the Lord.)

Any desire for Attention/Praise (Includes displays of emotion to get attention, pity parties, need for compliments, praise, etc.)…hoping this will help our family seek to live a quiet life all around.

I better stop here because this is going to be a LOT of work for us!!!  Perhaps I can let you in on some of the big lessons the Lord teaches our family in each area.  I know it won’t be fun…but since we are here in the desert…and it doesn’t seem like the phase of major testing/refinement has ended…we might as well get RID of it all so we can get out of the desert!!!

I am praying the Lord carry us through and refine and sanctify us in each area so that we might pass those tests.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

    1. Thanks Cathie! You are so sweet!
      My family is my congregation for now 🙂 They can refine me to the point where God can use me in some way for the future. Only God knows what that plan is and when the timing is right!

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