Fear of Hypocrisy

The Lord is showing me how to raise my children each and every day.  As He shows me what right looks like, I am FORCED to change.  Sometimes, that change comes in overwhelming doses…so much to change…other days, a little at a time.  BUT, I cannot stay the same…for fear of hypocrisy.  Really, I WANT to set a great example for my children.  And that is my primary motivation to change…but, even if that doesn’t motivate me to set a good example, my fear of being a hypocrite to them–to ask them to do something I am not willing to do myself…motivates me to grow closer and closer to the Lord and CHANGE (I simply cannot change without the Lord…so it constantly shows me my need for Him to change).  Really, change isn’t so scary…it feels great…that release of bondage and realization of new truth–HIS truth…is quite freeing.  I love being a slave to righteousness….it is a great feeling!  As humans, we are a slave to something, either to sin or righteousness (Romans 6:18-20)…and being a slave to righteousness doesn’t feel like slavery at all.  It brings freedom.  And that is what we all seek.  And that is what God so graciously and lovingly gives us. 

May I train my body today to be a slave to righteousness and FREE from sin.  May HE enable me and make my effort fruitful.

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