What a difficult concept to get down.  It involves so much–seeking God’s will in each moment (prayer, reading His word), discernment, being succinct (weighing words carefully), putting the needs of others above my own, using words/actions for the benefit/uplifting of others.  It is sooo hard!  Sometimes, I convince myself that as long as what I am doing is a good thing or right thing, that it justifies being done right then.  Other times, I am certain that if I don’t write it down right then or say it right then…it will be lost FOREVER.  It is quite silly isn’t it?  So many fears…for so many reasons…all simply unnecessary and untrue.  If it is truly important, and He wants me to say it…I am certain He will help me remember it.  If it is the right moment, it will be apparent and the opportunity will present itself.  It is just simply so hard to wait.  But THAT is what He wants me to do.  Less talk.  More prayer.  More seeking.  More being present in the moment.  I pray that He helps me finally overcome these struggles that seem so silly.

I am in a phase of wanting complete obedience so I don’t have to wait much longer for the things He has planned for us.  I feel as a little child oftentimes…if I obey and submit as much as possible, perhaps He will put those plans on the fast track for us.  Maybe my waiting time will be cut in half.  Good behavior always got me in less trouble growing up! 

Here’s to hoping the Lord will answer my childish plea that if I obey, it will all come sooner 🙂  He’s got to know I am still a child…hopefully a maturing child…but still HIS child.  And He is my Father in Heaven.  I am thinking He will be pleased with my obedience…but perhaps He will still have me wait because HIS TIMING is perfect and the best for all of us.  But obedience does bring much blessing, so I am looking forward to that!


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