Resolve and Father’s Day.

I love this word!  Resolve and discipline is something my dad and my Father in Heaven have often told me are so important in life.  My dad was so very disciplined and had so much resolve.  I remember seeing his eyes squint and his furrow tighten before he would go on a long run or […]

God’s perfect timing

This is something every believer LONGS to understand.  We all want God’s timing over our own as we grow in our faith!  We know it brings blessings, level paths, wonderful opportunities, growth, and much fruit.  I have longed to understand more and more what God’s timing looks like for everything in my life.  God puts […]


What a difficult concept to get down.  It involves so much–seeking God’s will in each moment (prayer, reading His word), discernment, being succinct (weighing words carefully), putting the needs of others above my own, using words/actions for the benefit/uplifting of others.  It is sooo hard!  Sometimes, I convince myself that as long as what I am doing […]