I think rejection is something that God calls His children to, some at times, others oftentimes, to understand HIM more.  Christ came to suffer rejection from much of the world.  Even from His very own oftentimes.  But, THROUGH rejection, MUCH Salvation came.  That is the unbelievable perfect grace of God.

For me to suffer rejection with grace (carry my cross), I must learn to have an unoffended heart.  Not only for my sake to not get hurt or remember hurts or hold onto unforgiveness, etc, but also FOR HIM.  If I am so focused on myself and perceived offenses (or trying to think about what other people think of me), no matter if deliberate, cruel, unintended, etc, I am NOT focused on Jesus at that time.  I am not focused on responding how HE wants me to.  I am not focused on guarding my thoughts, suffering with grace, understanding the needs/hurts of the person on the other side, as to why they might be saying it…etc.  It is selfish for me to be offended and not glorifying to God.  Through an unoffended heart, I can suffer rejection with grace and be more concerned about the other person, as well as glorifying God through it all.  And I can GIVE more of His GRACE. 

I find that I have trouble with rejection the most when I am not receiving or understanding God’s amazing love to me.  As I am filled up, I can pour out.  And in those moments when I am not feeling filled up, perhaps (next time!), I can act as if I am, knowing the feelings will come shortly after.  I HAVE to put out all thoughts that exalt themselves above the Word of God.  I simply put them out of my mind, saying they are not from the Lord…and replace them with HIS thoughts…which fill me with feelings of His love.  And then, His GRACE, His FORGIVENESS, His LOVE is poured out through me to others.

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