Grace and Mercy…Jesus is My Soul Anchor.

This is what the month of January has been for us….Learning to live in His Grace and Mercy.  Learning what it feels like to the soul…to feel his Mercy falling down on us like rain.  Breathing His Grace in….Breathing His Grace out. ~ JESUS IS MY SOUL ANCHOR ~ We are coming to KNOW Him […]


I think rejection is something that God calls His children to, some at times, others oftentimes, to understand HIM more.  Christ came to suffer rejection from much of the world.  Even from His very own oftentimes.  But, THROUGH rejection, MUCH Salvation came.  That is the unbelievable perfect grace of God. For me to suffer rejection […]

Appropriating God’s Grace

I felt totally humbled and convicted recently as I felt a strong rebuke from the Lord within my spirit.  God showed me how MUCH grace He has poured out into my life…things He has given me that I totally do not deserve.  He showed me some of the gifts He has and is giving me that are […]