Valentine’s Day ideas

There are SO many aspects of God’s love to focus on…that I really didn’t know where to start this Valentine’s Day.  I love that though!  There isn’t any one way to display it or appreciate it!  I love differences in expression and understanding and always love hearing how different people perceive things.  It broadens my horizons and blesses me to be around other ideas and understanding and personalities.  It truly is a reflection of God’s incredible creativity!!!  I love that about Him!

This Valentine’s Day, I tried to focus on being still to sense God’s love for me throughout the week…and also sense His prompting in different ways I could show His love to other people, as the opportunity provided itself. 

I was BLESSED SOOO MUCH by other people…even today as my car battery was dead, as I went to leave the house with the kids all loaded up (I have to watch that light in the back where the kids are that it is turned OFF)…my neighbor left her house immediately with her kids…despite other things that she certainly had planned to do…and also not feeling very well…to drive me and the kids to where we wanted (not even needed) to go that day.  I was blessed so much by her love for us…she totally MADE my day!!!  And then my husband drove back from the field to jump my car…in which he focused very hard on giving me hands-on training…but stopped when I almost electrocuted myself by putting the two clipper things accidentally together (with sparks flying) while talking to him (don’t do that!!!).  Wow.  All I have to say is that he is amazing and I am NEVER doing that on my own…EVER!!! 

That was just one day of so many blessings…sweet encouragement and beautifully penetrating words from friends…lots of time to chat with other women while our children played (so nicely together I might add!).  Lovely time with my husband with babysitters and a date…and sweet cards and gifts from family.  The kids had a blast!  And so did we!

My focus with the home was putting hearts around the house in different ways and places and labeling them with different characteristics of the 1 Corinthians 13 love paragraph.  Also, decorating separate hearts that were labeled with our favorite ways God has loved us recently.  And finally, labeling my kids doors with hearts and qualities that I love the most about them right now.  Hannah was joy 🙂  (She is either weepy, or super joyful right now!)  And Lewis was strength and being helpful.  He is so strong, especially when he gets hurt or gets sick (unless it is a very long sickness…and then he loses heart at some point!) and thinks a lot about being strong.  He also helps me all the time in the house, with things I couldn’t imagine a 3 year old could do…like separating the laundry, putting the laundry from the washer to the dryer, taking out (little) trash bags, bringing in the groceries, helping keep his sissy safe and helping mommy remember where sissy is…., helping me water the plants, helping me clean the floor…he even tried to carry the laundry basket, full of clothes up the stairs…he is a boy who delights in relationship and loves to be with me and help me in every way.  And he is so responsible!  I am so glad I have a child who is because he REALLY keeps me on my toes!  I am so thankful for my kids.  This past year and a half has really been a time to FOCUS on my family.  And God has blessed that time immeasurably.  I am most thankful.

I love to give out cards with the candy for the kids and moms around the neighborhood, and this year it actually worked to do that!  It is really fun to spread God’s love to others…especially when the opportunity provides itself.  We had a blast…and the kids had a blast sucking on their lollipops too.  My 3 year old is starting to understand the importance of giving things to others and helping others…and it is beautiful to see.  But, for right now, it works only after he has had his own lollipop to suck on first!!!  🙂  I LOVE his heart to help others and put their needs above his own.  He really tries his best!  His transparency, honesty and deep love for others is so wonderful.  He is very concientious and I can see his own desires battling within him.  He really is light years beyond where I was…and am sometimes now too!

I look forward to seeing God’s plan develop and grow each year for Valentine’s Day and each day of the year in how to receive His love and show His love to other people.  I really feel, right now, that showing God’s love to others is doing the best I can in each moment to do His will in living out His design in His Word to love others.  One moment, it may be giving a listening ear…another moment, it may be not sinning against someone (!), another moment it may be lavishing love on someone in some extravagant way…and so on.  Each moment holds its own opportunity for loving God or others.  Every single moment holds that opportunity.  Over the years, I know I will grow in my ability to love God and others.  I am looking foward to understanding His unfathomable love and receiving it more, so I can pour out more to others.

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