A Joyful Heart

A Joyful Heart

I see a JOYFUL heart, I see a conscientous little boy, I see a BIG heart for God, even at 3. I see a DESIRE to obey, I see a heart burdened for others, I see a boy who delights in fellowship with others, a boy who sings and dances for the Lord.  I see a PRAYERFUL heart, a boy who doesn’t like to be forced to pray, but lets the prayers flow at HIS own timing (which is perfectly fine!).  I see a teacher’s heart, a protector’s heart, an amazing HELPER.  I see a boy who LOVES his sissy with all his heart (and is starting to ask for more…).  I see a boy who tries to put others’ needs above his own (as best he can at 3 🙂 ), I see a boy who is SO responsible and has an amazing capacity for memorizing and UNDERSTANDING scripture.  He is light years ahead of his mommy, even now at times!  My heart’s greatest desire for my children is that the Lord would make them into incredible disciples for Him.  He has always been working in my little boy’s heart…during the time of constant tantrums and the FIRE of parenthood….but NOW I am beginning to see the fruit that the Lord has cultivated in my little one’s heart and I just cannot believe the Lord would bless me so with a child so in love with Him.  I know that much trial will come and lots of things are still left to overcome…but I am standing right now AMAZED and really PROUD of my little boy!!!!! 

Lewis, you are a dream come true for me.  I love you sweet angel (pumpkin face 🙂 ).

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