A beggar leading a beggar….

I heard this recently on a Christian radio station and I LOVED the picture it created in my mind.  A beggar leading a beggar for food.  That is what we are as Christians!  I think a lot of people get turned off to Christianity because of the judgmentalism and pride of Christians.  ‘They think they have to do things perfectly or at least portray perfection…’  ‘They are SO judgmental…’  These are some of the reasons I hear people are turned off…among others I am sure.  The Lord’s Spirit working in us certainly does make us special!  Who would WANT to be a Christian if there wasn’t SOMETHING special about it???!!!  There are certainly LOTS of things special about loving Jesus!!!

BUT, what doesn’t make us special is that we are still sinners.  And really, when I choose to disobey the Lord, and thwart the Spirit working in me, I am no different than a non-believer.  It is my submission and surrender to the Lord’s will in my life that makes the Spirit work and enable me be full of the Spirit and make Godly choices.  That is it!  And even when I submit and surrender, I am still a sinner, one step away from sin! 

SO, when we bring the word to unbelievers, in my mind, we bring it to them by ACTION…and very few words (unless asked, and even then, using mostly just Scripture and stories about what GOD has done in our lives).  They will see by our transformation, that it is not humanly possible to make Godly choices without the Spirit working in our lives (and by accepting Jesus into our hearts).  They will see by our LIVES…by the actions we make, based off the meditations of our hearts…that JESUS is Lord of our lives. 

They will see by our HUMILITY…that it is truly Jesus working in our lives…lest they become followers of us, instead of followers of Jesus.  This takes a humble heart.  A transparent heart.  An honest heart. 

Having Jesus in our lives SHOULD make us be more HOLY…because God CALLS us to be holy, like He is holy.  But, not because of us!!!  Because of HIM!  He is doing the work in us (even while we sleep!!!).  We are HIS children and we are called to be like HIM…just as our children are a bit like us 🙂  His children will bear His name and they will not bring Him shame!  This is why we sometimes feel His heavy hand upon us.

I am a beggar for Jesus.  Wherever He is…no matter how humbling it might be to seek Him in certain situations…I am going to go there and beg for the food that only Jesus gives….the spiritual manna that satisfies my soul.  And I want to lead other beggars–whether non-Christians or fellow believers–to the food that never leaves me-and will never leave them-empty.

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