Lent Season Ideas :-)

Lent is the season when we are reminded of Jesus’ sacrifice.  It burdens are hearts to also sacrifice something for Him, out of our love of Him, our great thanks for what He has done for us, and our desire to share in His suffering.  Usually, I think of something tangible to give up…like a food, or something I crave or indulge in. 

This Lent season, I have decided to give up certain patterns of thought (and also chocolate 🙂 ).  I found myself continually thinking things I KNEW weren’t Godly about my own capabilities in certain areas.  I cast them aside and committed to not thinking them anymore.  Today I was really tempted in one area to think those thoughts again, and then I remembered my vow to the Lord…my sacrifice of thought.  It helps to have Scripture available to replace those lies from the Enemy…lest a worse lie replace it….and then those strongholds are demolished by the Power of the Word and our Savior!

Below is a really neat explanation I read online of how to do homemade Resurrection Eggs 🙂  It is simple to set up and focused more on the pre-school age. It is a very intimate story of our Savior’s sacrifice and love for us and fun for them to get involved in.


I hope your Lent Season is full of the joy and hope that comes with finding that tomb EMPTY!  Our Saviour has RISEN!!!

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