“Lewis Daddy” Box

Why my son calls his daddy, “Lewis daddy” to me…I will never understand 🙂  They have such a special relationship.  Lewis’ world is just crushed when daddy is not around.  My world is too.  This 2 week rotation into the field is a lot tougher than the usual rotations each month, so we are all struggling a bit…and just got sick too.  Just a minor sickness so far, so we are thankful for that.

Today, I was thinking about how to connect Lewis and his daddy this rotation while they are apart. Each month is so tough having daddy around a lot for 2 weeks and then away a lot for two weeks.  It is pretty tough for Lewis to understand why things are so different all the time.  I usually tell him that “daddy is helping those soldiers out there” (as they fire off really loud artillery that makes us all jump and shakes the house).  The other day, he said to me “Mommy, those soldiers are fine and Lewis needs daddy back.”  

We are three days into this rotation and it is already tough.  We don’t sleep well when daddy is gone and we oftentimes get sick and the wind usually picks up…no fail.  It was 40-50mph winds the other day with 70mph bursts.  This leads to a lot of time inside and a lot of weepiness….and a lot of trouble with obedience.

An idea for a “daddy box” to put sweet notes into it everytime Lewis misses daddy popped in my mind.  We did that today and it was really fun.  I let go of any pre-conceived notions of anything and we just did our best together making it.  And it was fun 🙂  Lewis surprised me with his ability with scissors…and we used a LOT of tape!!!  Anyway, more importantly, daddy gets to reach into his “Lewis daddy box” when he misses Lewis at night when he comes home every few days and Lewis is already sleeping.  Perhaps I will add some too for everytime I miss daddy. 

We are just not complete without daddy.  He is so amazing.

Here are some pictures of our “Lewis daddy box”….

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