God’s grace to women

I love the place of honor God has given women…it is no wonder that the Enemy himself seeks to destroy women–as wives, mothers, etc.  His attack is intense….but it has no power over us…  I love the place of honor the Lord has given me in my husband’s heart–a place where I am loved, served, and cherished.  I love the place of honor He has given me in my children’s hearts—a place of intimate trust, depth, bonding, love, safety, beauty and so much more.  It is so beautiful a relationship and it reminds me all the time of my relationship with God.  There is so much safety….so much love…so much forgiveness…so much transparency…so much honesty…so much dependance…so much tenderness…gentleness…depth…trust….so important a relationship.  As I know God more…I seek to be more like Him as a mommy.  Women bring BEAUTY….NOURISHMENT…VULNERABILITY….TENDERNESS….LOVE…..SERVICE…..HELP…..COMPASSION….RELATIONSHIP.  Women bring ENCOURAGEMENT and RESPECT to enable others to be everything God made them to be.  I want to be everything He intended for me to be to everyone around me.

I am so amazed at God’s grace to me through giving me such an incredible husband and two amazing kids (not to mention my SALVATION as a sinner!).  I look into their eyes each day and thank God for loving me so much and allowing me to have so much love and joy and beauty…so much of a reflection of Him surrounding me each and every day.  He has loved me with an everlasting love.  Truly.


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