Hannah “boo” is WALKING!!!!

My little princess took off across the living room today!!!!  Just two days ago, she stood up on her own and took a few steps…and just two weeks ago, she took her first steps.  And today, she WALKED!!!  Yeah!!!! 

In less than a week, my sweet little one turns 19 months.  The Lord has taught her to walk.  Two weeks before she walked, He showed me the ‘I taught Ephraim to walk’ verse and then she did.   Not only that, but God has provided physical therapy twice a week now (she is still very wobbly and isn’t walking quite right)….and Hannah still has her edis teacher coming once a week too.  Just as she took her first steps, a new physical therapist, who works with pediatrics, came to our hospital here on post.  And doors opened for Hannah to get the help she needs.  She is going to get so much stronger now.  She is going to get the full help that she needs.  God equips.  He enables.  He works oftentimes through people.  He prefers to love us and help us through other people…but if it isn’t available…He reaches down and helps us Himself.  We are happy to be blessed by wonderful people who love Hannah and are working so hard to help her.

God fulfills all His promises.  The ones to all His children written in His Word and the ones He whispers to us individually.

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