I will make level paths for you…

I went for a run the other day…hoping to get back into shape 🙂  And as I was running, I told the Lord that this time, I would try to be quiet and hear His voice.  I am sure He smiles every single time I say that to Him….but, between my pleas and worries in prayer to Him…and not really keeping too quiet, I did manage to hear something He gave me to focus on…but I didn’t really understand what it meant.  So I asked Him to show me and left it at that.

He said to me, “I will make level paths for you.”  Level paths?  I was looking at the surface I was running on at the moment…and it wasn’t quite level…and then I thought to the spiritual…and saw some similarities…but, I still didn’t understand.

Being the ever gracious Lord He is…He explained it further to me.  I climbed into my car…and turned on the radio…and there was a pastor/speaker talking about level paths.  He said it meant that God would go BEFORE you and smooth out everything for you.  I thought of the Israelites…crossing the Red Sea.  God didn’t make them overcome that obstacle as the Egyptians are chasing them down.  He PARTED the sea and then took care of their enemies for them too.

Much of my life lately hasn’t felt on solid ground…on level paths.  It has seemed like I have been trying to overcome obstacles…and I am weary of it.  I NEED the Lord to make level paths for me.  I am so thankful He does go before us…He works in the hearts of others…He works in circumstances…but sometimes it does take time.  And I have learned, if I don’t wait…and go forth too soon…the paths aren’t quite level yet and I experience unnecessary pain.  I am very content to let God do the tough work…and trusting in Him to make level paths for me right now.  And He will tell me when the time is right…and what I am meant to do.

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