Long awaited answered Prayers…

There have been prayers I have been praying for a long time here.  Prayers I couldn’t possibly understand why God wouldn’t answer quickly….I still don’t understand why it has taken so much time….but they are being answered now in HIS time and I am SO thankful.  Some of them were answered in ways I didn’t want or imagine…prayers for healing.  Also, prayers for deep desires in my heart…things that are totally glorifying to God…things that He even CALLS us to do…are coming together.  I don’t understand why I had to wait.  BUT, I think it is because He wanted to make level paths…and I am content to wait.  For now, I am really excited at what He has planned!!!  It’s so good to know after so much time (what seems like so much time to me, but probably is not a lot of time to many of you out there!), HE REALLY DOES COME THROUGH.  When He says to WAIT…it is WORTH it.

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