A Daddy’s Heart :-)

A shared love of trucks with his daddy!

Lewis is so into his daddy right now.  He prefers him over me all the time!  I love his love for his daddy.  I love seeing their relationship blossom.  I love seeing daddy pour out into his kids.  I love seeing daddy’s dedication to them and their growth in the Lord.  I love seeing Lewis’ desire to have his daddy around ALL the time.  I don’t quite love them crying out to daddy when they are being disciplined by mommy (thankfully, daddy doesn’t like it either…)…

Pink Polka Dot Princess 🙂

Everytime daddy leaves the house, both kids break out in tears.  I often wonder at what point this scenario will change…although I love their love for daddy.  Hannah brought daddy’s bathing suit onto our picnic blanket yesterday…she went into the house, pulled out daddy’s drawer, got his bathing suit, and set it down next to her as she ate lunch outside.  They LONG for his presence.  They can’t live without him.  And daddy can’t live without them either.  He wants to be around them as often as he can (I am sure sometimes it is out of his loving duty and not because he longs for their screaming and fighting!!!).

Today, as we were in the car, Lewis was sad because daddy had to go back to work and we had to go back home.   He cried for daddy…and I couldn’t get him into the car…he delayed…we made rainbows in the sand…and then tried again to get into the car…and he just couldn’t understand why daddy can’t be with us all the time.  I used to tell him that daddy has to take care of the soldiers.  That one has ran out of its effectiveness now…so I told him we wouldn’t have a home or clothes or food to eat if daddy didn’t go to work..and we’d be really, really hungry.  He replied, “I would rather be hungry and have daddy here right now.”  He trumped me with that one 🙂

As I look to their longing for their daddy’s presence, it makes me think often of our longing for our Lord’s presence…His VOICE, His laughter, His JOY, His Strength, His LOVE, His compassion, His provision, His protection, His nurturing and comforting, His beauty.  So much for which to long.  I wonder what it would have been like in the garden of Eden as Adam and Eve HAD God’s presence…and walked with Him throughout their days.  I thank Jesus that it is even possible for us to enjoy God’s presence after the fall of man…and I know I am just one step away at any time to enjoy His presence.  The only thing standing in the way is my sin…and confession, thankfulness, repentence, and obedience is the one-way street back into His presence.  That is so wonderful to me.  Thank-you Jesus for this amazing gift…out of so many amazing gifts you give us every day.

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