Birthday wishes…come true!

The past two days have been a little tough in parenting.  Many times I feel over my head in parenting…I really have no clue what I am doing!  BUT, that is where in my weakness, He is strong.  I am learning to cry out to Him often and seek Him in His wisdom in how to parent His children.  He NEVER fails to answer me and guide me.

My sweet husband has been in the field the past two days…on my 30th birthday and Mother’s Day…except for a bit last night, BUT, I was determined this time to not SEEK any gifts, but to GIVE.  One step further in maturity, right?  At least the FIRST day of my 30s, I have to TRY!!!!  🙂  My prayer was to pour out and not seek any gifts this time.  And God answered that prayer!!!!  I am left completely exhausted, a bit disappointed, and totally unsure of how to deal with some parenting issues right now.  But, I love that God will totally guide me, strengthen me, and SHOW me how to conquer these parenting obstacles.  I know He will.  And we will overcome!  Some parenting obstacles are bigger than others.  But, nothing is too hard for the Lord.

Yesterday morning, the Lord gave me some sweet time with friends celebrating our 30th birthdays (and other birthdays) together, giving our kids a fun time with water balloons, watermelon, pinatas, barbequed chicken, and pot luck style.  It made us feel like kids.  Especially, when we chased each other down to drench one another with left over water from the balloons!  I am in awe of my sweet sisters-in-Christ and what the Lord is doing in their lives and families.  They have such huge hearts to pour out to their children and other people’s children.  They are so beautiful to me.

Last night, the Lord gave me one of the sweetest gifts of my life to see my husband get baptized at our church.  His heart was ready for that next step in his walk with the Lord.  I was in awe of him and what the Lord is doing in his life right now.

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