Waiting brings STRENGTH

As you’ve probably noticed, I have written a lot about waiting for quite a few months now.  The Lord is teaching me so much about waiting.  As Brian was baptized, the song played, “Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord.”  That song has played so very much the past year for me…at home…at church…at PWOC.  God is continually reminding me that my strength will come as I wait upon the Lord.  Waiting is so very hard…and for much of this year and last…I struggled to wait.  But, something new is blossoming in my spirit.  Something that feels completely different.  Perhaps a contentment to wait?  Perhaps a confidence in waiting?  Knowing God is preparing me for something He has planned?

A sweet friend reminded me today that we are creatures of habit and even if things are difficult right now, that we are still more comfortable doing the habitual….even if it isn’t easy.  I know that if my dreams were to come true TODAY…it would be overwhelming for me.  Not the right timing.

But, still, God reminded me today to be UNWAVERING.  “I have trusted in the Lord without wavering” (Psalm 26:1b)  He reminded me that I can trust Him by knowing His love is ever before me, and walking continually in His truth (Psalm 26:3).  He also reminded me to keep myself INNOCENT…free from the snares around me (Psalm 26:4-7).

He reminded me, once again, that He will make my feet stand on level ground (Psalm 26:12).

These are things He’s often reminded me of here…that my strength will come from waiting on Him, that He will make level paths for me (as I wait!), that I must be blameless and innocent (and do whatever it takes to be free from temptation), and that I must wait with an UNWAVERING heart.  The last part is the hardest for me I think…I tend to hear God’s voice, go about obeying His Word…and then doubt when things don’t happen.  BUT, God is bringing confidence to my understanding of His Word…it is easy to be sure of God’s Voice when things happen right away.  The Lord is showing me to have confidence in waiting. Things used to happen right away as I prayed.  Immediate answers built up my faith in God…but deep faith and TRUST comes from WAITING for answers.  The building of faith and trust comes with waiting with an unwavering heart.  This is what I desire.

“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” -Psalm 27: 14

There is no wavering…no doubting in that.

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