My teacher since youth

The Lord has been my teacher and counselor from youth.  Even when I didn’t know Him or even acknowledge Him…He was still teaching me.  How loving a God is that?  His love always amazes me.  Some of my favorite verses in the Bible are of the Lord being our teacher.  As I read Psalm 27: 11 “Teach me your way, O Lord, lead me in a straight path,” I thought of all the ways He has taught me and is still teaching me.  Really, I rarely feel a respite from His teaching.  It is constant.  I’ve always felt I’ve had a lot to learn!  But, that is just fine because as I turn to Him for my source of  Knowledge and Wisdom and Understanding, He freely gives.  It has everything to do with Him…and very little to do with us.  I am so very thankful of my ever present teacher.  He is a perfect teacher, one who knows everything about me, and never fails to guide me in the path I need to go.

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