Graced by the Beauty of His Creation

I admit it.  I have not been a fan of the desert here.  In fact, I have called it a wasteland most of the time.  My husband loves it…and I know I have dampered his spirits abit with my wasteland talk.  There are a lot of verses about the desert being a wasteland in Scripture.  BUT, as my sweet mentors reminded me just last night, it is part of God’s creation and it is beautiful.  My prayer today was that the Lord help me see it as beautiful.  My hope for this week is to praise God in His Creation all around me.  I have struggled to praise His Creation here.  But, I want to see it as beautiful…even if it is not easy for me.

Here goes…Things I love about the desert:

1) The serenity and quietness.

2) The beautiful sunrises/sunsets.

3) The big blue sky.

4) The majesty of the desert mountains that surround our house.

5) How God enables all His creatures to survive in the desert in simply phenomenal ways.

6) The magnitude/clarity of God’s voice and the time alone with God.


A new song to Him:

My God, you who reign on high,

Your alabaster beauty captivates my heart

Your majestic mountains catch my eye

Your outstretched arm lifts my soul

Drawing my affection like a dart

That Pierces any hole,

Filling me up,

Bringing me near,

With an overflowing Cup

To your everlasting love

Sweet spirit coming down from heaven,

peacefully resting upon me: beautiful Dove

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