Strong Woman.

What makes a strong woman?

I’ve been considering it for a bit…The proverbs 31 woman is pretty strong!

I’m going to list a few characteristics of what makes a strong woman to me right now…:

*Turns to and Trusts the Lord wholeheartedly with everything

*Relies on the Lord for her strength

*Lives for one audience and one alone

*Speaks truth over lies and adverse circumstances


*Healthy boundaries (from Psalms, ‘my boundary lines fall in pleasant places’)

*Good understanding of conviction vs. guilt

*Good at managing emotions (focusing on the facts, not the feelings!)

*Efficient and Organized (but only to reduces stress, not make it)

*Communicates needs well

*A Gentle, Quiet Spirit (a surprising addition to this list, but a HUGE requirement for a strong woman)

*Graceful and Delicate

*Commends Love and Respect from her Husband and Children and the Community around her

This list is ongoing, so as this subject is on my mind, I am going to add to it!

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