God’s perfect timing

This is something every believer LONGS to understand.  We all want God’s timing over our own as we grow in our faith!  We know it brings blessings, level paths, wonderful opportunities, growth, and much fruit.  I have longed to understand more and more what God’s timing looks like for everything in my life.  God puts things on my heart, though, and I jump at them with passion and longing.  I think oftentimes, He doesn’t tell me a lot because my heart just cannot handle it.  But, my hope in my walk is that I can be willing to wait more and more…I want a longsuffering to grow in me…and beautiful patience that waits for him…as my soul is stilled and quieted before Him.  I want to hear what He has to say for the future…it gives me hope…but it can only come with a patient and quiet heart.

We had prayed over something pretty important to us recently…for about a year.  We prayed for unity in our hearts.  We prayed specific prayers to be answered so we would KNOW it was God’s timing.  All the prayers were each answered one by one…in major ways.  It seemed like it was God’s timing.  Then it appeared to really be His timing.  But, things didn’t quite work out like we had anticipated…and my heart, broken, began to search once again for what God’s timing looked like.

Recently, He spoke to me about it.  He gave me a deeper understanding of what His timing looks like…especially for someone with a heart like mine to want to jump once He speaks to me.  He said “I will move you.”  So gently and lovingly spoken, I recognized His voice.

I can wait for Him to move me…  With this new revelation, I am seeking to wait for Him to move me in those areas where my dreams await.

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