Awaken Our Hearts…

Nothing can tear us from
The grip of His mighty love
We’ve only glimpsed,
His vast affection
Heard whispers of, His heart and passion
It’s pouring

His love is deep, His love is wide
And it covers us
love is fierce, His love is strong
It is furious
His love is sweet, His
love is wild
it’s waking hearts to life

The Father loves and sends His son
The Son
lays down His life for all
He lavishes His love upon us
He calls us now,
His sons and daughters
He’s reaching out…

… and its waking hearts
to life
He is waking hearts to life
He is waking hearts to life

-song by Jeremy Riddle


God is awakening our hearts from much discouragement lately.

The Lord is speaking to me often through songs lately.  My heart will be in a certain place and for three days in a row, God has brought forth a song every day to match my sentiments exactly.  He really does know my heart and my thoughts so very well!

Lately, my heart has been confused and learning to be longsuffering and patient.  God is teaching us FAITH.  In perfect time, Lewis’ verse to memorize this week is about faith.  It is “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”  (Hebrews 11:1 I think 🙂 )  And the second part is: Faith: I will believe and act on God’s promises.  I told him that I would randomly shout out “Faith!” And he would have to shout back, with confidence, the other part.  He did really well and was really excited.  I love it when the things I am teaching fall on attentive and responsive ears 🙂  It was a perfect verse for me to teach him because I was really needing to be reminded of it as well.

Doubt is a temptation when the things we think we have been called to just don’t look like they are happening.  It really tempts me to question my understanding of His voice to me.  You see, I waiver between never wanting to be too sure of myself…and having confidence in God’s promises or Word to me.  It’s a tough one.  This is the case in so many areas of my life right now.  God is calling…and my heart is willing…but I just don’t know if the steps I am taking are the right steps or if I am hearing His voice correctly.

The last few days have been a bit dark in the sense of feeling His spirit depart…and being left to have that faith.  I have come to the point in my spiritual life where I can sense when God’s spirit is with me and when it isn’t.  I woke up today and it wasn’t.  I prayed and confessed and read in my quiet time…nothing.  I continued to pray throughout the day and His song was upon my lips.  I was delighted to get my sleepy kiddies out of bed and smell their sweet, sweet smell.  They were full of sweetness and giggles this morning and it was God’s loving gift to me on a dark day.  On days when I am confessing my sin to the best of my knowledge…and still no sense of the Spirit being present…that is when I know the Lord is testing my faith.  I often think of Mother Theresa when I am having these days.  She, surprisingly lived in much darkness, as the Lord had called her away from a life of unity with Him, to a life of faith in darkness…to serve a people who lived in the dark.  I cannot imagine that.  She lived a life of faith in that darkness.  What a testimony.  That is true faith.

I want to have that faith right now….in the midst of a season of much longing and waiting.  God is continually telling me to persevere…and that He will fulfill the dreams He has put on my heart.  When I look around, virtually none of the things that He’s promised me are coming true.  He continually is encouraging me…but often I doubt.  It is so hard.  This is the time to have that faith….my dreams are being purified.  My faith tested.  And on the other side of the refiner’s fire…I hope to be that much more faithful…and that much stronger in my faith and trust in Him.  May my expectation and confidence be in Him.  He is the source of all my joy, dreams, and hope.  And I know HE will fulfill them in the most beautiful way in the most perfect time.  To Him be all the Glory, Amen and Amen.

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