What do you want Me to do for You?

” ‘What do you want Me to do for you?’ He said, ‘Lord, that I may receive my sight’ ” (Luke 18:41).

“We find faith by not only believing what Jesus says, but, even more, by trusting Jesus Himself.  If we only look at what He says, we will never believe.  Once we see Jesus, the impossible things He does in our lives become as natural as breathing.  The agony we suffer is only the result of the deliberate shallowness of our own heart.  We won’t believe, we won’t let go by severing the line that secures the boat to the shore–we prefer to worry.”

–My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers


The Lord recently asked this of me…a penetrating question deep into my heart.  I was breathtaken.  I was taken back by His piercing question to me.  I reflected.  And I wrote down right then what it was that I wanted Him to do for me.  My “want to’s” have changed along my journey with Jesus…and I know He will continue to transform my want-to’s to look like His.  It really made me ponder what it really is that I want Him to do for me.  What is my deepest desire and longing…?  It made me focus.  It made me prioritize.  It made me think about my life and the direction we are headed.  I have felt often here that we are at a crossroads in our life right now.  I don’t know where our path will lead us as a family…but I know where it is I am longing to go–to follow Jesus and LOVE Him and others and spread His Word wherever He will have us go.

I long for:

1. Healing of my heart; a new heart of flesh and transformation of my heart to have an unconditional love for Jesus and everyone He puts in my path.

2. A Great Purpose; a Purity of Purpose for His Kingdom out of His loving mercy…not that I will do great things for Him…but that I long to make my life of “borrowed time” matter for His Purposes, and to have a purity of motive to do it all for His glory in obedience to Him.

3. Unity of our Family in Passionate Pursuit of Jesus to Minister together to those He has called us to.


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