Phase 1: Cleansing of the Home

So we are on to Phase 1 of moving…I have to do something to prepare, right?  I know last time we moved…from Korea to California…I remember thinking, “why did I wait to cleanse and downsize until we got to our next duty station???” I should have done it before.  It saves money for the Army and it will also save boxes to unpack when we get there…so, we are onto the downsizing of our home.  I shall try each room of our home before we leave…and see if there is anything we can get rid of.

I have had many promptings of the Holy Spirit to get rid of things that we have two of that we do not need, so it makes a perfect time to go through things and really consider what we need and will use and what we don’t.  I am praying for discernment in this area, because it can be tough to know….and tough to do.  I really do enjoy cleansing though…I feel it cleansing my heart as I am cleansing the home…and it is often a wonderful time of prayer for me to be able to get rid of “things” I don’t need in my heart…as well as give material things I don’t need…or things we want to give to bless others.  God has shown me how important it is to give what we don’t need….as well as give the best of what we have to others.  And I am relying on His discernment in these areas.  I long to do both right now.  So, I hope to make good use of the next 3 months 🙂

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